RC Helicopters and iPads – What ever next?

So you have yourself an iPad, but you need something more to do with your time – then why not treat yourself to a brand new rc helicopter. Learning to fly a rc helicopter takes time, patience and dedication. You can not simply pick up the controls and be flying around in no time like a pro. Just like learning to ride a bike, or drive a car there are many things you need to learn. This starts off with the basics which is hovering, this is essentially keeping the helicopter in 1 place all of the time without it drifting around. It sounds easy, but in reality its very difficult and takes much time and patience. Once you have mastered hovering it gives you a good basis to learn further flight skills and you will be flying your electric rc helicopters around in no time like a pro. There are many companies in England to buy your model from so have a search online and get flying today!

My favorite model is the iHelicopter:

iphone rc helicopter

iphone rc helicopter

The iHelicopter can be flown from either Android or Apple software and retails for just £19.99. Its amazing just how cheap it can be to get a RC Helicopter these days and you can even watch the screen on your iPhone and see exactly what the helicopter is seeing. This is great on a calm day when you can take the model outdoors and take some fantastic photographs or video’s of your local area.

Options of iPad Glass Repairing

Recently I was very elated as my husband gifted me with an iPad, but few days after he gifted the gadget to me, my four year old kid, threw the iPad on the ground, which made the screen crack in the instant. I am sure, most of the iPad users have encountered similar situation, of cracking of the front glass of the iPad. Accidental dropping are very common, though most of the time our gadgets succeed in withstanding the sudden shock, some of our gadgets fail to withstand it, and hence they break. There are two options, which we generally have, in case we have been facing the problem of breaking the front glass.

Repairing stores or professionals

If by any means the front glass of our iPad breaks or your iPhone repairs are needed, the first option that comes to our mind is rushing to the nearest iPad glass repair professional. The front glass breakage is the most common problem that is experienced by most of the iPad or tablet users owing to high speed of the present day life. Since these iPad are a bit larger in size than any other normal phone, therefore it is exposed to the higher chances of slipping from hands in case you are in a terrific rush or a bit careless. However these repair stores are generally accredited by the Apple Inc. and hence you can get the best technical support from them. Moreover there are very fast and affordable in their service and they are available online too.


The next option that remains are one can oneself try to repair the glass. Though you might need a bit of technical knowledge for doing this thing. However though you will also be able to save quite a large amount of the money, but you self-work will not be a finished one like those done by the iPad glass repair professionals.

Beware Of the Neighborhood Stores

With the increasing use of the iPad in the hands of every gadget lover, which shows how popular the gadget is among every age of gadget user? Owing to are unique features it is highly usable in the working of both the professionals and the students as well. Now with the increasing use of the iPad there are more reported incidents of its damage and most of the users complain breakage of the front glass of the gadget due to accidental dropping. So in every neighborhood we will find these iPad glass repair stores booming up calming to offer the best service to its clients.

Efficient stores

I have felt that these iPad glass repair stores are much true to their claim, and they surely offer good service to its client’s provided that you visit a genuine one. There have been many reported incidents where many clients have fallen prey to the advertisement gimmicks, as the services we not up to the level as they were guaranteed.


Before you confirm the service of any iPad glass repair store, you must first of all check its authenticity. Check if the previous customers are satisfied with their service or not, which will be available on their website.

Pros and Cons Of iPad Glass Repairing

There is no doubt that the present day iPad offers a huge variety of technical features. These technical features are presented to the users with the help of numerous components assembled inside the iPad. Owing to this high end technology, this iPad is usable to a number of uses be it within the office or for the purpose of study in colleges. However like any other thing this gadget is also exposed to the chanced of wear and tear, and the front glass is the part that is highly damaged in case of accidental droppings.

Highly used front glass

The front glass of the iPad is the part that is highly used by the user. Since it is highly used and highly exposed this part is most susceptible to the breaking. Breaking the screen might also damage the LCD of the iPad. Though all the parts is replaceable by a good iPad glass repair store, but every user must handle the gadget properly to keep it functioning properly.

Go to expert professionals

If you wish to replace the front glass you must always go to an expert iPad glass repair store. An amateur technician might destroy the beautiful look of your prized iPad.

Protect your iPad Screen!!!

Since the iPad comes in with a touch screen, there are many things that we do to the smooth screen of the iPad. We touch it, pinch it, we tap it, and even slap it. If everything is done on the bare glass of the iPad there will be chances that the glass will be smeared with the sticky finger prints, effecting the shine and the sensibility of the sensitive screen. Therefore it is very essential that we take proper care of the screen, otherwise it will get damaged very soon, and we will have to run to an iPad repairs professional and get it fixed again.

Use a screen guard

In order to protect the screen form the everyday scratches and oil connection it is very essential that you coat the screen with a screen guard. This will protect our screen up to a limit, from the minimum scratch of your finger nails, or the oil of your fingers. However if you iPad encounters more serious problems like the spilling of cold drinks or the spilling of the ice-creams, you will have to do more. You will have to clean the surface of the iPad with a lint free cloth, the similar one that is used to clean a pair of specs. Never use any kind of the alcohol or ammonia based cleaning products as these kind of products will damage the upper coating of your pad’s screen and damage it from proper functioning.

Safety steps

In clearing the screen there are certain steps that you can follow to make the cleaning in a more effective without causing any harm to your iPad. Some such steps are

• First of all before you start cleaning make sure that you tablet is not connected to any type of charger or USB or electric port, now take a soft piece of cloth that is free from any kind of furry elements and very lightly wet. While cleaning do not allow any kind of water to enter through the holes like the earphone or the charger ports of the iPad. Once, you have completed cleaning your gadget with a damp cloth, wipe the iPad dry with a dry cloth of similar fabric.

• However in case you have made an accidental dropping of the iPad, and the front screen get cracked or chipped. I will suggest you not to use the iPad until you have repaired it. You can visit any of the nearest iPad repairs center, get your glass repaired, and make it as new as ever.

Leather covers

Apart from the screen guards that will help to protect your iPad from the oil smearing and scratches, you can also use the leather covers to provide extra protection for your iPad. Most of the accessories sellers will offer a dozen of color option from which you can choose the best one. But in case of any kind of screen damage it is always advisable to visit an iPad repairs professional.

Get Your Glass Repair Instantly

An iPad is known for its toughness as is claimed by the makers of this gadget. The Apple Inc. claims that the iPad screen is made of gorilla glass and it can resist most of the tough situations. However if you own an iPad you will realize there are many situations, that will land up in breaking the screen of your iPad. Not only the front glass, but the internal circuit, or the LCD of the iPad also has the chances of getting damaged.

Replace the glass with an expert

Of course most of the instances of the damage of the iPad are related to the breaking of the front glass which is the first thing that comes in contact with the concrete when you make accidental dropping of the iPad. So if by chance you have broken the front glass of your iPad, the first thing that you will need to do is to replace the glass by an iPad repairs professional at the earliest. I would suggest you stop using your iPad until you have replaced the gale, because using it without repairing it will only lead to the further damage of your iPad. Repairing a glass will be however be much cost effective in comparison to buying a new iPad, and if you get the repair done by any expert iPad glass repair professional; then your iPad will become as new as ever.

Problems faced by a user

Every user who wants to replace the front glass finds it difficult to locate a good service professional in the area he lives. As a solution to this problem we have these booming online iPad glass repair companies, who are very competent in providing services to the customers. Moreover in these these companies you will be offered affordable services also.